Why Eclatprime?

Simply said, world-class low code platform service provider for digital transformation at scale anywhere.

Why Eclatprime?

  • "It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change".
    - Charles Darwin

It is imperative in this constant changing world to have infrastructure and resources responsive and resilient, to have communications prompt and transparent, to work together and honestly and to be accountable. All these constitute a well charted plan to innovate and thrive, and with compelling services in a trustworthy ecosystem, they lead to success.

That's where Eclatprime stands out in ensuring growth and prosperity to our clients, partners and other stakeholders. In addition to being premier service provider, we also strive to constantly maintain the same by adhering to variety of needs from different stakeholders.

Our Key Differentiators
  • Eclatprime is regarded as "the best" end to end provider of DPA, CRM, RPA, AI & ML and low-code/no-code implementations backed by consulting as demonstrated by many of our success stories. We deliver exceptional work to make businesses more agile, productive and stronger. Our Diamond Resourcing model ensures right mix of experience and skilled resources who follow latest trends in delivery.
  • Industry Recognition by a distinguished panel of the industry's topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including InnovativeZoneIndia's editorial board who scrutinized several Indian IT Services providers while picking out the best of the lot, awarded Eclatprime as “Company in Focus” for the year 2021. This is a testament to our capability of developing thriving roadmaps for our customers.
  • Tech Savvy Executive Management with fully hands-on with enviable track record in implementing large scale applications ensure high degree of focus & flexibility on every customer engagement. With 500+ person months of low-code/no-code implementation experience and 100% successful on time delivery with no compromise on quality marks the USP of our engagement.
  • Consulting expertise backed by successful delivery with consistent focus on technology & domain solution to faster Go-To-Market strategy empowers our clients to accelerate the delivery of digital change. With 150+ certifications including 15% Technical Architects and 15% Domain Architects, our in-house built solutions for different domains can be readily leveraged leading to increased business agility with minimal risk. Expert domain consultants with experience in varied industry verticals.

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