A very diverse sector that is also a conglomeration of different processes, and we know exactly how to come-up with optimized solutions.


Eclatprime has extensive understanding of the synergy between Business and Digital Process Automation to optimize the FinancialServices industry processes to retain profitability and stay competitive


Digital transformation of government institutions at various levels of government, whether national, state or city level, has been accelerated by a confluence of factors. These factors include the widespread adoption of Internet-based services, underpinned by Internet penetration, increasing expectations for convenient access to government services bolstered by digital natives and digital-aware citizens, a rising need to manage service delivery costs (both direct and indirect), and the inability of physical delivery channels to serve stakeholders at scale with efficiency.

Improving the effectiveness of digitalization requires end-to-end integration of cross-departmental processes. It is important to view the process redesign from citizens’ perspective rather than from that of an individual department. In the past, many such digitalization processes have failed due to requiring numerous handovers either internally or at citizen level.

Eclatprime’s expertise for the Government sector include:

  • Accelerate success through modern and optimized business processes
  • Citizen services, relationship and end to end compliant management
  • Improve employee productivity and streamline the processes
  • Identify bottlenecks, delays, aberrant behavior through business activity dashboards and resolve them in a timely manner
  • Achieve an overall improvement in citizen engagement
  • Improve the accountability and regulatory compliance

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