Cloud Services

A complete cloud journey offering starting with planning, architecture, management, build and deployment, optimization.

Cloud Services

We offer end-to-end cloud management and monitoring services to design, develop and monitor cloud applications to have zero downtime, making the systems fault tolerant, highly available, auto scalable, secure and cost-effective. We proactively monitor the systems for any incidents/errors and take corrective action before the customers complain.

Networking & Content Delivery

We enable organizations to improve the overall performance, security, and scalability of the cloud-based applications and services, and provide a better experience for the users.

Data Analytics

We have the expertise on data warehousing, data processing, building data ingestion pipeline, business insights, enhancing machine learning.

Cloud Security & Privacy

We help you with identity management, application and data security, network security, deploying infrastructure as code, function as code, privacy building, micro services.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We architect new cloud-native solutions focusing on the five pillars, hybrid cloud planning, management, return on investment, security, scalability, availability and reliability.

On-Premises to Cloud Migration

We possess the know-how of planning and selection of migration approach, lift and shift, refactoring, re-purchasing, retiring or retaining, executing the plan

Pega Containerization

We offer Pega containerization services to help businesses modernize and optimize their Pega applications using container technology.

Monitoring Services

We establish the dashboards, setup and capture metrics, integrate to messaging platforms, monitor incidents, infra & performance.

DevOps & SysOps Services

We perform CI/CD, Jenkins, docker containers, serverless deployments and support Kubernetes, ECS, Lambda, and provision and manage EC2 Service, RDS and storage.

Cost Optimization

We do the capacity planning, manage scale on demand, reserved pricing, saving plan, spot instances and offer consultancy support also for the same.

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