A sector that has become prominent of late, and you can bet on us to succeed in this sector.


Eclatprime partners with leading players in the Healthcare industry to provide solutions around Healthcare information system, claims processing, member services and provider services.


There are limited sectors more sensitive than healthcare. That's why IT security and confidentiality are of supreme importance, as are accuracy and interoperability that transcends national borders, health jurisdictions and hospitals. No matter where you work in healthcare, the challenge to effectively manage health resources and provide continuity of care is relentless.

At Eclatprime, we understand this and help our clients respond to diverse business and operational needs, from making care available independent of the physical location to encouraging and increasing secure access to personal healthcare information and developing integrated relationships among all health players. We're helping healthcare providers automate and optimize care, retain physicians, better serve and communicate with existing patients and attract new ones, protecting front-line services and savings to pay for additional frontline care workers. Some of the evolving themes in healthcare are:

  • Retail healthcare marketplace is getting transformed and organizations have to completely shift their thinking towards customer centricity.
  • Convergence of Care Management with customer service functions and the opportunities to leverage technology to simultaneously improve health outcomes and enhance member experience
  • Using Compliance and operational excellence to gain competitive advantage.

Eclatprime's expertise in transforming complex healthcare management processes helps in

  • Cutting costs by reducing the amount of staff time
  • Reducing cycle time for a given process
  • Eliminating errors associated with manually performed tasks
  • Enforcing consistency & increasing compliance with corporate policy and government regulations
  • Applying all relevant information to the handling of a case or a customer interaction

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