Banking & Financial Services

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Banking & Financial Services

Eclatprime has extensive understanding of the synergy between Business and Digital Process Automation to optimize the Financial Services industry processes to retain profitability and stay competitive


Today, banks and financial institutions thrive in one of the most competitive environments in all of business. Retaining customers, attracting new ones, delivering new products, providing consistent customer-centric services through multiple channels (Branch, Office, Internet, ATM, Mobile,Chat), while adhering to federal regulatory requirements is more challenging than ever.

Given current market conditions and opportunities, leading banks are focused on improving key processes, especially those that provide opportunity to increase productivity and attract new business.

Account Opening Challenges
  • Ensure consistent service levels and high customer satisfaction
  • Maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities using Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduce inaccuracies in account funding and customer information capture across channels
  • Enhance compliance and security initiatives
  • Reduce the cost of bringing new products to market
Attract and Retain New Customers
  • React to the market and customers in anticipation of rapid growth in account openings and servicing requirements
  • Respond rapidly and efficiently to high-volume requests
  • Ensure those customer requests can be managed acrosss channels
  • Track and speed movement of new account setups
  • Monitor for compliance and reporting the distribution and return of documents
Prospects for Growth with Enhanced Loan Origination
  • Automate as much of the application and closing processes as possible
  • Improve application tracking and compliance monitoring
  • Track all required information electronically in real time
Improve Merchant Services and Dispute Resolution
  • Track and speed movement of charge-backs and resolutions
  • Provide transparency into the process for merchants
  • Reduce fraud losses resulting from provisional credits
  • Automate Back office processes while improving service levels using RPA

To support the future of banking, we provide scalable services, manage and execute strategic initiatives and create innovative delivery models. By leveraging our technical expertise, track record of global clients and our global delivery model, you become a next-generation financial organization bringing agility to your business.

Eclatprime has established through many successful financial services implementations that it understands industry needs and more significantly how Digital Process Automation provides a sustainable and competitive advantage. Our expertise on Banking & Financial Services Solutions Frameworks also includes the implementation & customization knowledge around products such as:

  • Financial Services Industry Foundation
  • On-Boarding for Retail Banking/Card Servicing/Commercial Banking/Capital Markets
  • Next-Best-Action Marketing for Retail & Commercial Banking
  • Customer Service for Retail Banking/Card Servicing/Commercial Banking
  • Collections Management, Sanctions Management & Loan Origination
  • Smart Investigate for Payments/Self Service/Securities
  • Financial Crimes Case Management
  • KYC and FATCA Compliance
  • Benefits enrolment

This ensures that banking customers will benefit from a catalogue of predefined and pre-integrated industry standard template product models, rules, business processes and applications.

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